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Baran Caginli 

(b. 1990, Istanbul)  lives and works in Helsinki and has exhibited across Europe. His works underline universal and global concerns by highlighting the problematics of, and contradictions of power, governmental conflicts, military systems, systematic repression, identity, and discrimination. Subjects and people in his works are often witnesses to an incident, forced migration and disappearances, or loss. Through diverse media, including photography, sculpture, installation, and archival material, he includes elements of hand-made skill and techniques. Caginli integrates layers of camouflage or concealment, re-constituting them and giving them a voice in a new context, and to adding to them subtle messaging and gestures.


2023 Sculpture, Master of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki
2014 Sculpture, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Hacettepe University

Selected exhibitions and screenings:

2024 Kotini Jossain/ My Home Somewhere, Vantaa
2023 Kaiken Takana/ Beyond Everything, Joutsa
2023  M_itä? Biennale of Contemporary Art, Joensuu
2023 Kuvan Kevät, Helsinki
2021 Helsinki Biennial
2021 Reading Together, Iaşi
2021 Conditions of Peace, Vienna/Belgrade/Iaşi
2020 Blackout, Helsinki
2020 Sensitive Intervention, Istanbul
2019 59th Annale, Porec
2019 Festival of Political Photography- The Winds of, Helsinki
2018 Wien Woche- Curating War, Vienna
2018 Suomi 101, Vantaa
2017 Transeuropa Festival, Madrid
2017 Facade Video Festival, Plovdiv
2017 Mediterranean Routes, Palermo
2016 SiemensArt Borders Orbits 18, Istanbul
2016 29th Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Marseilles
2016 Young, Fresh, Different, Istanbul
2016 Special Politics, Istanbul
2016 ZOE, Istanbul
2015 Diversity of Voices, Vienna
2015 ESSL ART AWARD Nominess Exhibition, Istanbul
2014 Ambiguous, Drunk, Dog! Ankara
2013 SiemensArt Borders Orbits 14, Istanbul
2012 Eyeballing, Ankara
2011 30. Contemporary Artists Istanbul Exhibition, Istanbul