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remanufactured handcart
and Kurdish banner

Çekçek is the name of the handcart which is using by local people in Kurdish cities in
Turkey, for carry and sell things. Because of its use through the history, it has almost turned
into a cultural  object. Although, after the last curfew declaration (2015) in Kurdish cities,
it lost its own meaning. People started to carry dead bodies killed by the state. The banner*
is made by the same people, against the state repression and hanged in the streets which
were under the curfew and attacks.  My intervention  consist in the re-actenement of one
'culture's signs which the actual power try to exterminate but which find their own  way to
exist in other contextualisation-s.

*Hune dibine we diroka ku we xerab kiriyede bi minin - You will be buried in the history you destroyed.