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videostill, 2’36

The play with a fingers is a mother’s 28-years waiting. It is her looking for an unforgotten face, in
images, using forgotten words. Because she knows that just like forgotten words, her ‘son’s name
will be forgotten after her.

In the video; my grandmother plays the game with her grandson. She learned it from her family
when she was young , but the words became meaningless with the intermingling of words from
other languages, over the years. My grandmother also, had teached this game to her own son,
my uncle. My uncle joined the a left-wing political organization PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party)
in 1991 to resist against the Turkish state's violence, torture and massacres. Since then, we never
heard from him.

My grandmother is waiting for the coming of her son since 28 years. Every day she plays this game
that she taught to her son, re-commemorating him. The anonymous guerilla images in the video
are also the ones that my grandmother constantly watches with the hope of seeing her son. This
game and the images are the search and  lament for a mother who has not seen her son since 28 years.